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Love Letters to Toledo – Jacob Wilson

Hi Toledo,

I’ve known you all my life. I was born in one of your hospitals 18 years ago – Toledo Hospital. Over the years I have come to enjoy many places of your city and the people that are here.

Seven years ago I joined the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and met a great guy. His name is Rajiv, but I call him Raj. Even though he’s busy doing doctor things, he’s a goofy guy that likes to play jokes with me. Also, he likes to help me with my school work and even helped me to get a 4.0 GPA in school three times in a row! Big Brothers Big Sisters has also given me the chance to see and try a lot of brand new things in Toledo.

There are a lot of things I have not seen before joining Big Brothers Big Sisters. One of those things is going to car shows. When I go, I get to see the latest cool cars that companies are making. When I grow up I want a Dodge Charger like I saw in one of the car shows. Also, I like going to sport events. In the summer I like cheering for the Mudhens. In the winter I get to go see the Walleye Hockey team. Sometimes we go to Wildwood park and we tried throwing around a rugby ball even though it was weird to throw around.

One of my favorite parts of Toledo is going to eat at good restaurants and trying new things. I have recently tried this new place called Homeslice Pizza near the Mudhen’s Stadium. Their Buffalo Chicken pizza is great! I even tried Tony Packo’s where Raj made me try the deep fried pickles. They kind of tasted weird. My favorite place to get ice cream is Mr. Freeze. The Buckeye sundae is the best to me. Every time we go out, Raj makes me have vegetables with my food even though they all taste funny. ­­­

These are some of the things that I enjoy in your town. Thanks, Toledo!

Rajiv and his “Little Brother” Jacob were photographed at Rajiv’s apartment at The Standard Lofts. Rajiv is the well-respected and well-liked Chief Resident Physician of Emergency Medicine at The University of Toledo Medical Center. The relationship Jacob and Rajiv share shines through in their photographs, and there mutual love for Mr. Freeze!


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