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It Takes a Village

Dear Community Members,

It is no secret to anyone that 2021 has been a challenging year. We have all had to face new and,
in many cases, significant challenges, both in our professional and personal lives. Public service
has become even more essential during these uncertain and social distancing times.

Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Ohio (BBBSNWO), we continue to expand our
services and capabilities to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve. I am proud to
say that we met and exceeded our 2021 goals while facing financial and social challenges.

Despite the ongoing challenges, we have set the following priorities for 2022:

  • First, reduce the pandemic’s traumatic impact on our youths through programs. Our team is receiving Trauma-Informed training and will be certified in Spring of 2022.
  • Second, suicide rates have risen amongst adults & youths. We are implementing training designed to bring awareness and prevention.
  • Third, we will continue developing programs to mitigate increasing violence, social unrest, and a shrinking workforce.

It Takes A Village” to empower every young person with the access and opportunity they
need to achieve their full potential. I ask you to join the village and support our mission. Three
ways you can help us are donating, volunteering, or spreading the word!

Please go to our website at bbbsnwo.org to learn more and read our January 2022 Newsletter for upcoming events. For more information, contact us at (419) 243-4600.

Finally, I wish you and your family good health, peace, and prosperity and remind you that we
will keep our commitment to ensure that all youth achieve their full potential.

Dr. Marvin Whitfield


Please send donations via check, made payable to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Ohio.

Checks can be mailed to

P.O. Box 1369 Toledo, OH 43604

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